We have launched an online Customer Satisfaction Survey, open for submissions until Sunday 12 November.

Shetland Arts have been running public surveys regularly since 2015, however this is our first customer satisfaction survey since reopening our facilities after the Covid-19 Pandemic. We actively use the results of these surveys in our planning and development and so are really interested to learn about customer experiences and any thoughts about where improvements can be made or whether things can be done differently.

It is a very challenging time for the arts and events sector with costs spiralling, audience numbers down and limited staff availability, leading to an increasing number of closures nationally. As the main way Shetland Arts funds our activity is through traded income, these issues have made a significant impact.

We are grateful to all our funders and stakeholders, but in order to survive, change is needed. This means that it is even more important that we understand what you, as the community, want from Shetland Arts - what we do well and what we could do differently.

Shetland Arts owns and operates Mareel and Bonhoga Gallery. We also manage the Garrison Theatre on behalf of the Shetland Charitable Trust. In the past year, we have run events ranging from Wordplay Presents Shetland Noir and Screenplay festivals to Wellbeing sessions, to Youth workshops and major exhibitions; the recent Aly Bain, Ale Möller & Bruce Molsky concert, the Mareel Roller Disco and the comedian Gary Meikle. We have supported local performing artists through commissioned work and local artists/makers through the Summer Showcases and the Visual Arts and Craft Makers Award.

Shetland Arts reports all the work we do to our stakeholders in our Quarterly Activity Reports - since April 2015 these have been published on our website and are available here.

If you would like to be more involved, we are always open to applications to join our board of Trustees - more information is available here.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey can be filled in online here.