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It is inevitable that as the frosty snowy weather sets in, and the stormy season gets going that there will be times when those wishing to travel to Shetland Arts' events will struggle to get to venues or may not feel it is safe or wise to travel.

There will also be times when Shetland Arts will have to cancel or postpone events due to performers or vital equipment not making it in time for performances. We do all we can to minimise such events but its a sad fact of life that given where we live sometimes such events are unavoidable.

Shetland Arts regrettably cannot refund customers on every occasion when bad weather prevents or discourages travel. In the interests of fairness we adopt the following policy when it comes to bad weather refunds:

  • If a wholly Shetland Arts promoted event or performance is cancelled by Shetland Arts a full refund will be made available to ticket holders.
  • If a ticket holder can’t make it to a venue due to adverse weather conditions and public transport has ceased operation in the area a full refund will be available.
Shetland Arts on occasions such as above is insured and so can recoup the significant losses in such events. As a charity it is not possible to refund all individuals who either rightly or wrongly feel they can’t make the journey to one of our venues due to bad weather. Although it might seem or feel harsh, Shetland Arts cannot make the decision when it is safe to travel or not. That has to be the call of the individual ticket holder.

Shetland Arts believes that it is widely accepted that when we as customers buy tickets for events or for travel it is the responsibility of the customer to get to the departure point or the venue on time. It is a risk we all take when we buy tickets in advance when living in remote communities such as ours.

Here's hoping you are enjoying the festive weather as best you can; stay safe and have a great Christmas and New Year.


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