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On 30 November 2013 at Mareel there will be an opening for an Art Exhibition created by schools in Shetland. The art display is following on from multi-agency initiative that had been running throughout 2013. This initiative has been lead by Police Scotland in Shetland, and in conjunction with Dogs Against Drugs, Education, Shetland Recreational Trust and Shetland Council.

Shared Responsibility began as a joint initiative between the Colombian Government and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), which was introduced to raise awareness about cocaine’s ecocide in Colombia. A bespoke extension of the initiative, designed for school pupils and driven by the former Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency had brought the harsh truth of cocaine production and the resulting ecological damage to a new and wider audience.

A number of schools in Shetland, along with the Bridges Project created pieces of art, showing their own interpretation of the problems that the Rainforest is encountering. This is the first year of this new drugs education project; however it is envisaged that it will be added to the curriculum of excellence for future years.

Shared Responsibility

The project aim is to provide education, highlighting the actions taken by people worldwide, can cause such a devastating effect thousands of miles away to the environment, animals and plants, and also to the people living and relying on the Amazon rainforest.

The public display of the art will be in the main foyer of Mareel, with a small opening ceremony for all to attend at 11am on Saturday 30 November. The display will run until 20 December 2013. Everyone is welcome to come along and support the children’s art work.

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