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As part of the Screenplay Festival our volunteers have been reviewing some of the films they’ve been watching. Here Sophie Balcombe reviews Raspberry Boat Refugee (Dir Leif Lindblom).

Raspberry Boat Refugee is the story of Mikko Virtanen, who believes he is a Swedish man trapped in the body of a Finnish one, comically dubbed a ‘nationality transvestite’ by those around him. He has the fortune to meet and switch identities with a Swedish psychologist, where he proceeds to try to live as a stereotypical Swedish citizen.

Raspberry Boat Refugee
This film is unpredictable and funny, humour ranging from relatable social awkwardness to dark laughs brought on by unexpected deaths and hallucinations. The performances are impressive and funny and the film is engaging, making for a charming watch that will keep a smile on your face.

It’s also touching and uplifting and will strike a chord with anyone who has struggled with their identity, and still remain a memorable and upbeat film.

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