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As part of the Screenplay Festival our volunteers have been reviewing some of the films they've been watching. Here Sophie Balcombe reviews Alive Inside (Dir Michael Rossato-Bennett). Alive Inside is a touching and inspiring documentary about the power of music and its importance in shaping us as people. It follows scientist Dan Cohen on his mission to reunite people suffering memory loss with their pasts through music associated with their memories.

It was astonishing to see the effect of music on the patients; people remembered their school days from ninety years ago, they remembered their wedding days. People known for being unresponsive and withdrawn started to sing and dance which all makes for a very joyful though teary-eyed watch.

The documentary looks at several unforgettable patients, each of them with incredible and moving reactions to the music. It shows that drugs and chemicals are not the only solution to illness and in some cases music can even prevent the onset of memory affecting conditions.

Alive Inside is incredibly hopeful and moving from start to finish. It’s not being shown anywhere else in the UK so go and see this film while you have the chance.

Alive Inside

Next showing 19.15 on Thursday 3rd.

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