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A Common Crime is a film which leaves you feeling connected to something bigger; at the end, you are left scratching your head.

Did what just happened actually happen …? The plot follows a single mother Cecilia, who lives with her young son Juan. One night a maid’s son, Kevin, comes knocking on her door for protection; the following day, everyone is left on edge when we find out Kevin has been killed by police for an unknown reason. Cecilia is left disturbed and guilty about Kevin - could his death have been avoided if she’d opened the door?

The film is described as a supernatural thriller/horror, with a simple pinch of elements from The Invisible Man and other classics. But it’s not really a horror at all, hence the 12A rating! I really enjoyed watching this film, watching Cecilia trying to cling on for dear life to reality and finding out what may be real and what isn’t.

The acting is raw in this; it’s as if the whole crew had really lived it. It had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. A Common Crime is a must see for Screenplay 2021!

A Common Crime (12A) screens at Screenplay until Saturday 4 September.

Kayden Gair is a Screenplay 2021 reviewer. An avid cinema fan, Kayden approaches all types and genres of film with an open mind, and loves to discuss what he has seen with others. He is hoping to be Shetland's answer to Mark Kermode in a few year's time!


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