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Last week, we hosted a number of confidential one-to-one artist's advice sessions for Shetland-based artists and art workers with qualified coach Bush Hartshorn. Here's what some of the people who signed up had to say about their experiences of thinking out loud.

‘I found the session really helpful and it was great to have the opportunity to reflect on my work and practice. It was very useful to chat about my practice with someone I'd never met before and who had no pre-conceived ideas about me or my work. I'd highly recommend talking part in these sessions, it was enlightening and heartening.’

'I was very aware how small my circle had become in terms of who I was talking to through video messaging, I was also very conscious I wasn’t really talking to anyone that I didn’t have some sort of responsibility towards, whether that was family or people I work with. I knew it would be good for me to talk to someone I didn’t know, and didn’t owe anything. The session proved really useful, coaching is a very open process which enables you to externalise your internal dialogue and have a better conversation with yourself. I won’t go into detail about what I discussed, but I can highly recommend it as a good use of an hour.'

'Bush explored with me negative thoughts I have been experiencing around my practice, how equipped and qualified I am to do the work I do. He could speak to me from a place of deep understanding for the challenges I have been experiencing, and support me to find peace with my self doubt. He provided useful tools and helped me shift my perspective to cope, not only in this intense situation of lockdown, but in my wider work. I am so grateful to Bush, Kathryn and Shetland Arts for this opportunity and I will certainly take-away so much from our session to apply to my life.'

‘A great outlet to throw my thoughts and plans at. It helped me recognise what I think is good about my own ideas, and what I need to do to progress. I regularly spend a lot of effort trying to identify these outcomes - the surgery was effortless and fast’

‘I was a bit apprehensive before the session as I didn’t know what to speak about. This made me solidify my thoughts, which itself was good practice. He was very encouraging and a good listener. I felt I had clarified my vision after the surgery.’

‘I spend a lot of my personal and professional time dealing with other folks’ ambitions and issues and I rarely get the opportunity to be on the other side of the conversation. This provided me that.’

We'll hopefully be bringing you more surgeries soon, so stay tuned!


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