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Public opening at Bonhoga Gallery: 3 August, 5.30-7.30pm

Gallery talk at Bonhoga Gallery: 4 August, 11.30am

Shetland Museum & Archive Pier Store Opening: 4 August 2.30pm

Beach Workshop: 6 August 2pm

Shetland Arts is privileged to show the work of eminent artist Anne Bevan at the upcoming Bonhoga exhibition, Particle – Things Unseen. Anne Bevan has an MA in Fine Art from Edinburgh University/Edinburgh College of Art and has exhibited nationally and internationally. She now lives in Edinburgh and lectures at ECA, though she still has strong connections to her home, Orkney, and the influence of the landscape and marine environment are obvious in her work.

The exhibition will take place at Bonhoga and the Shetland Museum and Archives Pier Store. The work brings together visual art, marine science and creative writing to explore the histories, technological developments and change associated with the marine environment: which is often invisible and unseen. Anne has used sand samples from beaches in Shetland for some of the work in this exhibition, focusing on the microscopic organisms they contain and their relation to ocean temperature change in the North Atlantic.

Anne Bevan, Ghost (Ammonia beccarri) giclee print from CT scan with Dr Ian Butler & Michael Wolchover, 2012

The project has involved cross-disciplinary work with science, industry and other creative practitioners. Anne is working closely with marine bio-geologist Dr. Kate Darling who is doing field research in Shetland coinciding with the exhibition, thus creating a very 'live' connection between the creative art's and current scientific marine research. Further collaboration is happening with creative writers Jen Hadfield, Robert Alan Jamieson, Alan Spence & Janice Galloway. There will be an informal talk on the exhibition with Anne Bevan and Kate Darling, in Bonhoga at 11.30am on Saturday 4 August and everyone is welcome to this free event.

To connect the work in the gallery with the natural environment and encourage audiences to consider the wider issues of marine ecology and conservation, Shetland Arts will be running a beach workshop at St. Ninians on Monday 6 August for children and adults from 2-4pm. It will be lead by Anne Bevan and Dr. Kate Darling and will be focusing very closely on the sand beneath everyone’s feet. Places are limited and can be booked through the Shetland Box Office, Islesburgh Community Centre, 01595 745 555,

Shetland Arts is grateful to Scottish Natural Heritage for assistance in the funding of this project. Jane Matthews of Shetland Arts said: “Anne’s work is beautiful, insightful and thought-provoking, and the combination of sculpture, print and video offers many ways to address the mind-boggling wonders of the natural environment. Shetland is the perfect place to exhibit this work and for us all to consider our place in the landscape.”

Anne’s exhibition is complemented in the Lower Gallery by Bosquoy -an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Orcadian Laura Drever and work from Shetland Arts poetry and craft project Farlin.

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