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An Exhibition by the prizewinners of the Shetland Open Art Exhibition 2008

To accompany the prizes awarded by the five sponsors of last year’s Open Exhibition, Shetland Arts awarded a further £100 to each prize-winner, to fund the preparation of work for a joint exhibition in the gallery.

Helen Whitham won Baker Tilly’s prize for the best newcomer, June Redman won Vaila Fine Arts’ award for the best painting, Ivan Hawick was the successful photography winner for the prize donated by Millgaet Media and Mandy Tait won the John Goudie prize for best print.  Shetland Arts and Crafts gave the prize for best craft piece and this was won by Jenny Deschenes.

All the work in the exhibition is for sale and this is an opportunity for visitors to Bonhoga to purchase work by five Shetland artists each with their own distinctive style.

T-Skirts exhibition - stairwell
Running concurrently with the exhibition is T-Skirts, showing in the stairwell projection space. It is an exhibition by school pupils from Dunrossness, Cunningsburgh, Lunnasting and Skerries, aged between 5 and 12, in response to Alison Willoughby's Skirt exhibition at Bonhoga in January 2009. This is part of the Bonhoga Education Programme.

The Bonhoga Gallery Education Programme aims to develop a partnership between the Bonhoga Gallery and schools across Shetland. It covers many cross-curricular themes and provides stimulating and creative ways to encourage involvement and understanding of the arts. A school visit to the gallery is followed by a workshop delivered by one of a team of artists and writers working around the theme of that exhibition.

The pupils studied the shapes, colours, materials, and textures of the skirts which they had seen in the exhibition.  They also studied the work of other artists and were then encouraged to think of themselves as artists/fashion designers. They then designed and made their own 'T-Skirts'.

This film is a selection of snippets of interviews in which pupils describe their experiences of T-Skirts and was recorded by the pupils themselves. Also displayed are a selection of the t-shirts that were created throughout the project.

view more photos of T-Skirts

Many thanks to Niela Nell and Fiona Burr for all their hard work.

Both shows run until 21 June 2009

Showing at Bonhoga, Weisdale Mill

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