At a recent meeting, the Shetland Arts’ board celebrated the achievement of gaining the Good Governance award, the Scottish Charity quality standard of good practice in governance. This also proved the perfect opportunity to welcome two new trustees.

Having been selected through an open recruitment process, Catriona Macdonald and Jamie Manson will now serve the first of two possible three-year terms alongside the other board members.

Susan Mail, Chair of the Shetland Arts’ board, says “I’m delighted to welcome Catriona and Jamie onto the board. They bring a wealth of skills and experience which will be very valuable as we build upon the good work that went into attaining the Good Governance Award. Being a Trustee of volunteer led organisation is incredibly rewarding and I hope Catriona and Jamie get as much from being a Trustee as I do.”

It is the role of Shetland Arts Development Agency board of Trustees to ensure the objectives of the Agency are realised through the management and direction of the organisation’s Chief Executive and through the approval and monitoring of a range of policies, delegation schedules and strategic plans. A key role of the Board of Trustees is to take the ‘long view’ on the organisation’s development and sustainability, including the monitoring of financial matters such as the approval of annual budgets and management accounts. Trustees ensure the organisation stays relevant to the community it serves by adapting to change and responding to strategic opportunities and challenges. Trustees serve a term of three years and are selected through a process of open recruitment.

You can find trustee biographies here.

If anyone is interested in joining the Board of Trustees, please contact Shetland Arts via [email protected] to find out more.