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The first craft news posting…… at last …..   this is going to be so useful, there’s so much to say about design and craft  and applied arts in Shetland and our projects.

I hope the 13 craftmakers who encouraged me ages ago to make a craft blog will be pleased to see this and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Grants for Shetland craftmakers : The Working Up2 grant scheme for craftmakers has just ended, and this week I finished second stage  meetings with the fourteen successful makers from all over Shetland. It’s always a privilege to work directly with designers and craft makers talking about their ideas and  seeing how  all their projects are moving on.  I’m working now on funding for the next stage of grants for makers.

There’s some really interesting new work  happening as a result of our funding. We’ll all see the results in due course, possibly at the Johnsmas Foy or later at the Clickimin Craft Fair, or on the craft websites I'll be promoting.

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