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Here's a round-up of some of the funding currently available for music related projects. If you'd like more information on any of these funds or assistance with the application process please contact us.

Please note that many funders require applications to be submitted several weeks or even months before your project is due to start.

Performances, festivals and tours

PRS Foundation Awards to Performance Groups 2009 - funding available for performance groups which meet and perform together regularly, performing either original music or a wide range of music by living UK resident music creators. Deadline - 14 August 2009

PRS Foundation Awards to Festivals 2009 - support for festivals whose main activity is the promotion of new music, by UK based music creators. Deadline - 14 August 2009 (for festivals taking place after 14 October 2009)

British Music Abroad - financial support to emerging UK acts that have been selected for key overseas showcase opportunities. Deadline(s) - 21 August 2009 onwards

SAC International Showcasing - support for individual musicians or groups who have been invited to showcase at key international music industry events in order to advance their careers. Deadline - ongoing

New music composition and/or recording

PRS Foundation/Bliss Trust Composer Bursaries - Applications are invited from composers seeking funds to assist with professional development, such as travel costs relating to a performance or computer software. Deadline - 28 August 2009

SAC Creating New Music (individuals) - SAC Creating New Music (organisations) - support for original music creation, rehearsal and development by Scottish-based composers, songwriters and producers. Deadline - 5 October 2009 (over £7,500) & ongoing (£7,500 or less)

SAC Commercial Recording (individuals) - SAC Commercial Recording (organisations) - financial support to enable the recording of material for professional release and sale. This fund is primarily focused on supporting the costs of professional studio recording, including engineering, production, mixing and mastering and the costs of musicians’ fees. Deadline - 5 October 2009

SAC Demo Fund - funding to increase opportunities for emerging young bands to record their first demo in order to allow them to take the next step in their music careers and present themselves professionally to the music industry. Deadline - 5 October 2009

Community music projects

SAC Participation, Education and Outreach Projects - funding to widen access to music-making for people and communities who could not otherwise engage in a range of musical experiences. Deadline - 5 October 2009

Youth music projects

YMI Informal sector small grants - funding for organisations working within the Informal Sector who wish to programme music making activities for young people (0-25 years) out of school hours or children under 5 both in and out of nurseries. Deadline - 11 January 2010

YMI Informal sector large grants - funding for organisations who aim to widen music making opportunities for young people (0-25) and who programme high quality and sustainable creative music making activity in any musical genre which aims to develop the skills of young people over a period of time. Deadline - 5 October 2009

CashBack for Communities - support for events and activities for young people aged 10 – 19 years that are diversionary in nature and will reduce the risk of young people becoming involved in anti-social behaviour. Deadline - 31 October 2009

Professional development and training

YMI Training and CPD - Support for individual musicians who wish to widen their career opportunities to include the delivery of music tuition in either formal or informal education settings or existing music facilitators seeking to extend the range and scope of their skills base. Deadline - 15 February 2010

YMI Training and continuing professional development - To support organisations providing training or continuing professional development opportunities which lead to infrastructural development within their organisation or the wider music sector, enabling a greater number of young people to experience quality music tuition and the diversification of music provision. Deadline - 15 February 2010

SAC Professional Development - support for individual artists in most artforms to undertake professional development activities relevant to their artistic practice. Deadline - ongoing

Flexible and cross artform funding

Awards For All - flexible funding for initiatives that allow people to take part in art, sport and community activities, and projects that promote education, the environment and health in the local community. Deadline - ongoing

Shetland Arts Fund - support for not for profit voluntary organisations and individuals to develop and deliver arts related projects and events that meet local community needs and make a lasting difference in the community. Contact us for further information. Deadline - ongoing

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