A Moment in Time is a residency opportunity at The Booth in Scalloway, time and space to respond creatively to our current global situation from a local perspective throughout the month of September 2020.

Shetland Arts is pleased to have awarded this opportunity to MAMhouss, a collective that aims to navigate and combine parenting with creative practice. The three artists, Kristi Tait, Chloe Tallack and Carol Clark will come together physically and digitally in the space over the coming weeks to explore the unprecedented times we are now in and to make a creative response, suitable for further presentation. They aim to open up their dialogue to the community too, to gather responses to help inform their work.

Kristi Tait of MAmhouss explains,

We’re really delighted to have been awarded this residency, as a collective we are motivated by the creative possibilities of connection (whether within the collective, in the community or over social media) and its potential for change-making.

As parents with young children it’s not easy to undertake solo projects alongside other commitments. The Booth Residency is a fantastic opportunity for us to support one another and work collaboratively while we consider how altered the world has been by the last few months

Jane Matthews of Shetland Arts adds,

We were able to create this residency opportunity due to the postponement of the planned exhibition in The Booth and we had some great applications for the project. I love the idea that, after months of isolation, this can be the catalyst for some new connections and conversations to take place and we’re delighted to support a collective that aims to creatively consider motherhood within their practice. Look out for their work appearing in an unconventional spot in the near future…

Photo credit: MAMhouss.