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Hard to believe that the Mirrie Dancers illuminations are now at the halfway point. Tonight's launch at the Glasshouses at Tingwall is Illumination No. 5 out of a series of ten, and it will run until 11th January.

So far the lights have been dancing at Lower Voe, Haroldswick, the Dunes at West Sandwick and (my personal favourite so far) Da Giant's Grave at Lochend, North Roe. The artists and the installation team have worked outside for long hours in some appalling weather conditions to get the lights and the turbines up and I hope they feel that their numb hands and water sodden boots have been worth it - because the outcomes really have been lovely: eery, intriguing and mesmerising.

Come and be intrigued and mesmerised tonight at the Glasshouses in Tingwall. Or if you prefer, come to the Tingwall Hall any time between 7.00pm and 9.00pm and we'll ply you with soup and bannocks and then take you down in the minibus to walk amongst the lights in the company of the artists, Nayan Kulkarni and Roxane Permar.

Let there be light, indeed.

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