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Shetland Arts is delighted to announce that it will screen the new Twilight film, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II, in Mareel on its release date, Friday 16 November.

In the final, breathtaking fifth instalment in the record-breaking Twilight franchise, the now vamped Bella and Edward Cullen must face the malign Volturi council, who threaten the well-being of their newborn child. Moving towards a colossal final showdown between werewolf and vampire clans, this truly epic conclusion to one of the most successful film series of our time is among the most anticipated films of the year.

Films at Mareel are generally shown a few weeks after their official UK release dates because this is when distributors are willing to be flexible about how many times a film shows each day, allowing five or six films to be shown in a week. With big blockbusters like Twilight the distributors insist that the films are shown virtually exclusively on Screen 1 for one, and sometimes two, full weeks in order to get them on the release date, so there has to be a high audience demand in order to secure them.

Head of Development at Shetland Arts, Kathy Hubbard, said: “We know Shetland Twilight fans are very excited about the final film and we’ve had lots of requests to get it on release date. We negotiated with distributors and are happy to say we managed to secure it for 16 November. We expect it will be very popular!”

The cinema programming process is a collaboration between Shetland Arts and City Screen, owners of the Picturehouse chain of cinemas. Mareel Cinema is programmed weekly from Friday to Thursday. On Monday mornings the Programming Team negotiates with film distributors on which films to continue showing from the previous week, according to audience demand and box office figures. This means that films for any given Friday to Thursday generally go on sale on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays you can pick up a copy of the weekly film listings flyer from Mareel and Islesburgh, check the Mareel and/or Shetland Box Office website for listings, call Shetland Box Office on 01595 745 555, or check advertising in the local media.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday 6 November late afternoon via Shetland Box Office.

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