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Lana Fraser has been leading a series of music workshops at Annsbrae. Here she reports back on the first couple of sessions.

The aim of session one was to create a relaxed environment where all participants would feel comfortable enough to get to know each other. After introducing ourselves, we brainstormed some song ideas and thought about creating a band name. Everyone did so well to come forward with so many song suggestions.

It was clear they all have a love and enthusiasm for music. We also got to experience a tour of Mareel and its inner workings. This tour included seeing inside the recording studio where the group will be recording their tracks in the final weeks. The group were totally buzzing to get into the studio; some even volunteered to do a solo!

During the second session, we decided on a couple of songs to learn as a group. There are a few individuals who are also interested in doing a solo spot. We ran through the lyrics for “Don’t look back in anger” by Oasis. I took along a whole heap of percussion instruments this week for people to experiment with, and everyone seemed to have a good time playing with these and singing. We are thinking to put on a small scale concert in week six.

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