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Sharon McGeady is a ceramicist based in North Roe, Shetland. Her stunningly beautiful and very practical pieces incorporate patterns inspired by traditional Shetland knitting.

She says: "Throughout time women who lived and work on the land have been resourceful and resilient. They have brought up families, tended crops, cared for animals, raised peats, etc and kept the home. And all the while makkin knitted garments, to sell or exchange for goods. What inspires my work is the idea of what brought these hardworking Shetland women joy, and what beauty did they find in everyday objects? Was the raised design on the tea caddy or the shape of the milk jug pleasing? Did the special lace edged handkerchief that belonged to Granny, or the Sunday linen cloth bring a smile? I am drawn to these everyday treasures and to the story they tell. My work is a celebration of the extraordinary lives of ordinary folk. The lace textures and designs in my work are my way of reflecting the extraordinary lives of these ordinary women of the past."

We are delighted to have a range of Sharon's work available to buy in the shop at Bonhoga Gallery.


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