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Melissa James is a jewellery designer based in Devon, having recently moved there from Perthshire, where she began designing jewellery nearly twenty years ago.

With a love of travelling, exploring new countries and cultures, she finds inspiration for her jewellery designs from the wonderful array of stones found on her travels; from beautiful Cornish beaches to the back streets of StoneTown in Zanzibar. She loves the creative and bold use of colour seen in remote parts of the world, as well as the subtle balance of colours found in nature.

This inspiration is channelled with an intuitive and artistic eye to complement and enhance each piece designed. The seeds of some of her most successful designs continue to be drawn from a wealth of life experiences and the myriad of different colours, shapes and markings on the stones she works with.

In the past she has designed jewellery for the National Galleries and the National Trust for Scotland. As well as having worked with Fashion Designer Chrissie Clyne she has also designed regular collections for a leading retail fashion company. Now her focus is on making individual pieces for galleries, and, for a limited time only, we are delighted to present a selection of her beautiful jewellery at Bonhoga.

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