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Hampshire based jewellery designer Joanne Tinley creates textured gold and silver jewellery for people who love being close to nature. For her, the natural world isn’t just something to look at, but to be experienced hands on; the rough bark of a tree, the patterns of leaves and petals or the deliciously smooth surface of a river-polished pebble are all textures she incorporates into her work.

Every piece is handcrafted by Joanne using sterling and fine silver, 24k gold and jewel-coloured wool. She loves to combine traditional techniques with modern; the unique textures on her silver are created by both computer aided design software and traditional jewellery hammers.

The textures used in her Watercolour Collection began as watercolour and pen and ink sketches. They were then transferred to the computer and arranged into repeat patterns before being engraved into card using a laser. These patterned cards and sheets of silver are then sent through tight heavy steel rollers allowing the pattern to become embossed in to the silver. From sketch book to silver and gold, creating beautiful jewellery just for you! Each piece of jewellery is unique due to the placement of the pattern.

We are delighted to showcase Joanne’s Watercolour Collection this summer at Bonhoga Gallery.

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