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Local jewellery designer Esmé Wilcock creates beautiful silver pieces inspired by Shetland’s landscape, sky and sea.

Each item is individually cast and crafted using a traditional sand casting technique, which involves using moist and tightly packed sand to press around a model which is then removed leaving a mould cavity to be filled with molten metal. Only sand from local beaches is used. Each piece is cast and finished by hand and has its own markings from the moulding process; these are not removed, creating a uniquely individual piece. No two pieces are ever the same and are sold accompanied by the original cast model where possible; this is the case with the popular Groatie Buckie collection we have in the Bonhoga Gallery shop.

We are also showcasing Esmé’s latest collection of Hillswick sea glass jewellery – fragments of coloured glass collected from Hillswick beach and transformed into beautiful, colourful and unique pieces of jewellery.


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