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Duck Ceramics is an independent pottery studio run by Alice Duck. She designs, makes and finishes each piece by hand in her Brighton studio.

Simplicity and function are at the core of her work. Alice likes to re-imagine classic shapes and divert them from their original purpose into a design piece. A camping mug has been transformed into an object of delicate craftsmanship, and its natural 'mistakes' have been left on show to celebrate the handmade process.

Alice graduated from Bristol University with a Fine Art degree and a passion for ceramics. The technique used to create her beautiful ceramics is slip casting. Commercially this process is used along with machines to reproduce identical copies of one product, churning out hundreds of 'perfect' duplicates. For Alice, there is something satisfying about imitating the machine but with the ability to make every product individual. It might be a drunk mug, or a wonky vase, or the lines may not be as straight as they 'should be' but this is why she fell in love with handmade ceramics. She sees the beauty in pieces that aren’t symmetrical or perfect.

​We are delighted to have some of her latest designs at Bonhoga.

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