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In 2015 illustrator Cathy Hilton developed a unique process for printing on wood. It is an adaptation of the screen printing process, developed to compensate for issues she uncovered initially with colour not absorbing quickly enough into the wood. Her own unique process for printing enables a stronger and more solid colour to appear on wood and she can more adeptly control the shapes and illustrations she wants to appear, resulting in a very high quality finish that makes her products stand out beyond similar products in the marketplace.

Her growing collection of housewares boasts impressively strong colours and sharp definition, all handprinted from her studio space in Devon.

Important to Cathy in the creative process is making products with love. Cathy writes: "I love being part of the process of gifting, where someone is wishing to show their love and appreciation for another. There’s a wonderful Greek word, ‘meraki’, it translates to mean doing something with soul, creativity, or love; when you put ‘something of yourself’ into what you do, and when those are handed over we know that people feel appreciated, and we know we helped make that happen."

At Bonhoga Gallery we are delighted to have a stunning display of Cathy’s latest pieces in a variety of vibrant summer colours.

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