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Running over the next six weeks at Bonhoga Gallery alongside Anne Bevan’s exhibition Particle – Things Unseen (in the main gallery) are two exhibitions in the lower gallery/café.

Bosquoy is a series of new works by Orcadian artist Laura Drever. Laura studied at Edinburgh College of Art, returning to Orkney in 2003 and visited Shetland last year as part of Wordplay to promote her project with poet Lesley Harrison, Ecstatics; a Language of Birds.

Her work is heavily influenced by her experience of the landscape and wildlife around her and the process of walking and observing is closely connected to the work she produces. She uses the memory of a direct experience in the landscape to create her drawings and/or paintings without working from sketches.

The work exhibited in Bosquoy is delicate and beautiful, with shapes and traceries suggestive of land masses and human and/or animal presence. It complements perfectly the work of fellow Orcadian Anne Bevan in the main gallery whose work examines microscopic elements of the marine environment.

In the craft cabinet and stairwell is Farlin, an exhibition of craft and poetry by partnerships between poets and craft-makers in Shetland and Fife. Jewellery, poetry, contemporary textiles and craft objects are shown as finished pieces or works-in-progress, illustrating a series of responses to work by another individual.

Molly Ginnelly & Bruce Eunson, from a poem, ‘Maybe This Isn’t a Tree.’

The randomly-paired Farlin poets and craft-makers used email, skype, social media and the postal service to create a virtual creative community, sending each other influences through the forms they make, a shared theme, their materials, or a line from a poem.

The exhibition marks the first six months of the Farlin project, which continues until a final presentation and exhibition at StAnza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival in Fife, in March 2013. The project is a collaboration between Shetland Arts and Fife Contemporary Art & Craft. Based on farlin -  a shared container of herring, it represents a unifying resource of work and nourishment common to both Fife and Shetland.

The exhibitions run from 4 August to 16 September and are free to attend.

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