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'Kollifirbolli' is the Shetland dialect word for topsy-turvy/head over heels. The group will be launching their new album Careful Mixing is the Secret to Success in Mareel Cafe Bar this Saturday (8 December) between 2 - 4pm.

The girls decided to come together as a band, being close friends and having played together informally for a number of years. Mary and Astryd were also founder members of the young Shetland band, Swingin’ Fiddles.

As Kollifirbolli, they have played widely throughout the isles, in events such as the Shetland Folk Festival, the Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival and Flavour of Shetland. They also played live on Tom Morton's show on BBC Radio Scotland in 2008. More recently the girls were invited to play on the Danny Kyle Open Stage, at Celtic Connections 2011 and Astryd and Kaela also appeared at Cavan’s Fleadh Ceol in 2011.

Individually, each of the girls is an accomplished musician in her own right. Mary was Shetland's Young Fiddler of the Year 2005 and Young Traditional Fiddler of the Year 2005. She often plays as a solo artist and also enjoys composing. In addition, she is a keen classical violinist, having achieved Grade 8 with the Associated board in 2006 and has played with the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland (NYOS) for several years. Kaela also plays regularly as a solo artist and was Shetland's Traditional Young Fiddler of the Year in 2007. She has taught classes in Fiddle Frenzy for a few years, and is admired for her swingy, individualistic style, and her interpretations of the old Shetland tunes. Astryd plays in local singer/songwriter Malachy Tallack's band, as well as playing in the traditional style as taught to her by Violet Tulloch. She is also a keen classical pianist, achieving Grade 8 with the Associated Board in 2009. Astryd has more recently taken up the concertina in which she appears in several tracks.

The girls are joined by John Hutchison on guitar. John Hutchison is well known locally as a proficient and skilled musician playing fiddle, guitar and double bass. He has played with many esteemed musicians including Hom Bru, Fiddlers’ Bid and Debbie Scott.


1.Da Corbie an’ Da Craa (trad Shetland) /Da spirit o’ whisky (trad Shetland)/Da dance o’ da trowes (Debbie Scott) – We love arranging slow tunes and putting in harmonies. The first tune has a stunning melody and lends to so many harmonies that we couldn’t resist including it in the album. It is followed by two Shetland reels.

2.Rattigans/Martin Rocheford’s – A set of Irish reels. One of our favourite sets

3.Unst Bridal March (trad Shetland)/Da Aald Foula Reel (trad Shetland) – A traditional Shetland set with the fiddles tuned up to the old AEAE tuning.

4.Beeswing Hornpipe (James Hill)/ Mam and Dad’s Reel (Mary Rutherford) – A popular hornpipe followed by a tune Mary wrote for her parents - another winner of the Young Fiddler of the Year Tune Competition (2012).

5.Cello Brig/Da Stofa (Debbie Scott) – Another set of Debbie Scott tunes. The second tune was composed for the reconstruction of a traditional Viking house in Papa Stour. We played this tune at the opening ceremony.

6.Muckle Reel o’ Finnigirt/Da Back Reel (trad Shetland) – The Muckle Reel is one of the oldest known Shetland tunes. It was used at dances throughout Shetland.

7.Benort da daeks o’ Voe (trad Shetland)/Miss Langford’s (trad Irish)/Unknown (trad Irish) –Three traditional reels.

8.Bohemian Fiddle (Kaela Jamieson) – A slow air written by Kaela and named after her fiddle.

9.Da Sweerie Geng/Zorro The Crow (Debbie Scott) - A great set of reels composed by popular Shetland composer, Debbie Scott. A ‘sweerie geng’ is Shetland dialect for the first row in knitting. It was considered bad luck not to finish this row if a visitor came along. The second tune is named after a pet crow called Zorro. We always have a lot of fun with these tunes, especially with the shuffle bowing in the second tune!

10.The girl that broke my heart (trad Irish)/The maid behind the bar (trad Irish)/Mary Rock’s Reel (Mary Rutherford) – We call this the ‘GBH’ set and like to put in a variety of alternative words which can end with amusing consequences – or so we think! The first is a swingy Irish tune, followed by a popular Irish reel and then a reel Mary wrote for her granny for which she won the Young Fiddler of the Year Tune Competition in 2009 - Mary Rock not ‘Mary Rocks’!

Their first recording, The loveliest new version of a favourite style, was released as an EP in 2011.

CD available on 8th December 2012 from and High Level Music, Lerwick.

Digital downloads available.

Contact: Marvin Smith p: 07881 820094 e: w: or follow on twitter @kollifirbolli

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