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Shetland youth theatre's new show "In the still of the night have we wept" which is currently in rehearsal will include poetry written from the perspective of Shetlanders during World War One. The poem "Knitting fir da Boys" tells the story of Shetland women knitting for the Shetland soldiers who went to war, and is written in broad Shetland dialect and will be performed accordingly. This adds to the depth of the overall play as "Knitting fir da Boys" chooses to focus on women's roles during the war which is an overriding theme throughout the play along with men going off to fight. The poem "The Home Farer" is also going to be performed in "In the still of the night have we wept", and this poem focuses on the perspective of a Shetlander off at war nostalgically reminiscing about Shetland with its purple peaked hills natural beauty. "The Home Farer" conjures up a though perhaps idealistic for dramatic effect, beautiful picture of Shetland that anyone who has lived in Shetland for any length of time can relate to.

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