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Jono Sandilands, an artist-printmaker from Shetland, currently based in Bristol, is bringing his inklab sessions to Shetland next week.

Jono will be running a Creative Lab session for over 16s at Mareel on Wednesday 1 May, as well as going out into local schools during the week as part of the Start Bonhoga Education Programme - a four year project supported by national organisation Children & the Arts. Jono works with conductive paint to create two dimensional artworks that trigger audio or visual playback when touched.

In the Creative Lab: Electric Painting session at Mareel participants will learn how to create beautiful circuits and bring artwork to life with electric paint, build a low voltage circuit with a coin battery, paper clip, and LED and trigger audio playback from your electric painting with the touch board!

During the school workshops Jono will introduce both primary and secondary pupils to the idea of conductive paint. There will be time for exploration where students can get their hands on examples and see the magic of the process along with an explanation of the science behind it all in a fantastic crossover of science and art. The pupils will then be able to make their own picture using the conductive paint and these will all be joined up to create a class collection of interactive images. All the work will be brought together in a final exhibition/collection that will represent the collective identity of all those who have taken part, to be shown at Mareel in June.

Creative Lab: Electric Painting can be booked at, over the phone on 01595 745500 or in person at Mareel. Look out for other Creative Labs coming up, including Creative Lab: Acting and Performance Skills which runs from 14th May – 4th June.

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