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Emma Leask is here at Shetland Arts this week for work experience, a musician herself, she popped in to see our first livestream direct from Perth Concert Hall. Despite a few technical difficulties at the Perth end as they explored this new medium to engage with remote and rural communities she enjoyed the concert and wrote us a review!

“The Hebrides Ensemble concert, livestreamed from the Perth Concert Hall, consisted of five performances played by a variety of instruments. Every piece was very classical and played with great emotion and communication between the performers.

The livestream itself began with no sound, which was fixed within the first few minutes, half-way through the viola & piano’s piece. However, once the sound was fixed, it was jumpy and the image was somewhat pixelated. Then again, this was a live broadcast so this situation was expected. The sound did come across clear enough and showed how the music was played and how the performers acted on stage.

The music was incredibly expressive and played with a huge amount of passion from all performers, particularly the pianist. The communication between each performer clearly showed that they knew what they were doing and the suspense was most definitely there.

Overall, this concert was very enjoyable, with some technical difficulties, but included very passionate performances.”


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