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Gwilym Gibbons, the Director of Shetland Arts, will leave his job this September having completed eight years with the organisation as its first Director. Gwilym has given notice now (2 months more than contracted) to aid a smooth transition.

Gwilym Gibbons said: “It was after careful consideration and with a certain sense of sadness that I tendered my resignation as SADA’s first Director. The past seven and a half years have been an extraordinary, full-on journey for me both professionally and personally and I’m hugely proud of the growth of Shetland Arts over the period of my tenure, and of the range and impact of its activities during that time. I have always maintained that the individual who leads Shetland Arts through the challenges of its post-Mareel construction and opening phase should be someone different from myself, someone with a fresh approach and new ideas. Now is the time to make a positive move that will facilitate bringing those fresh ideas into play.”

Gwilym Gibbons added: “I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the Board, the staff and volunteers of Shetland Arts. It has been a huge privilege and a joy to work alongside such a talented and skilled team of people who are an asset to Shetland Arts and to the community they serve.”

Gwilym Gibbons leaves his post to develop Creative Help Ltd, a new Shetland based consultancy and management agency providing practical support to the UK cultural and heritage sector.

Danus Skene, Chair of Shetland Arts, said: “We share the sadness that Gwilym expresses surrounding his decision to leave Shetland Arts after his eight years with the organisation. On behalf of the Board and staff of Shetland Arts I thank him for exemplary service. He has made a unique contribution to the wellbeing of the Shetland community through his leadership of an agency which provides such diverse services to so many. The scale and breadth of the work of Shetland Arts under his leadership deserves to be widely celebrated”.

He added: “Shetland Arts looks forward to continuing to provide enriching cultural and educational experiences at the heart of Shetland life”.


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