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We all have our crosses to bear.  One of mine is that I am a lifetime Everton supporter.  For the first time in 14 years there was a chance of silverware on Saturday with the FA Cup final.  Not the best day then for the Shetland YUF Theatre to be performing 'Blackout' at a Children's Panel inter island training seminar.  Much concern was expressed prior to the event by the organisers as to the practicality of performing in the 'upstairs foyer' in Islesburgh Community Center with the audience of the great, the good and the mighty (including a Scottish Government Minister) standing in the midst of the action.  'Trust me' I kept saying emphasising the words with a quiver of a frighteningly bushy eyebrow.  And how right we were.  The audience (mature and sophisticated!) entered the space and reminded me of children on their first day at primary school.   Standing slightly uncomfortably in the play ground (a good choice of words) inhabited by 33 identical hoodies they were dragged into the world of the main character James and hopefully were left under no illusions that we are all part of his story.

The company were magnificent and the response remarkable.  It was a great event.  We had achieved our goal of embracing the audience into the theatre event.  It almost made up for the tragedy unfolding on the football pitch.

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