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We're getting in the mood for love... with a reprise of Moonstruck at Mareel, we've also got some lovely gifts at Bonhoga. Whether you're a fan of Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day or just fancy a present to yourself, here's a top 5 of some of the jewellery designers we stock.

Dittany Rose

Handmade in Dittany's shed in Cambridge, these beautiful pieces are light, fresh and easy to wear. Decorated with patterns that started life as drawings or prints, these are great gifts for lovers of art and design. Because the patterns are hand-drawn rather than designed on a computer they have a delightful irregularity.

Danielle Flowers

Handmade in Shropshire, Danielle Flowers is inspired by the primitive connections and relationship of material and process, striving to create balance and harmony between material qualities and their aesthetic values. Inspired by mid-century modern design and the raw elements.

Becky Pearce

Like the majority of the makers we stock, Becky's collections are made from eco-friendly, 100% recycled sterling silver or gold wherever possible. The gemstones The materials she works with are sourced from responsible suppliers, and may be natural stones, or lab-made, avoiding the environmental impact of mining altogether.

Camilla West

Camilla designs her jewellery to evoke nature and organic patterns and textures and to speak to people's emotions. She feels it is important to leave a trace of the maker on the finished piece - the slight irregularities are part of what gives the jewellery its character and makes it different to something mass-produced.

Karen Risby

Karen’s work is an extension of her love of drawing, exploring pattern and line using both brushwork and sgraffito, a process that involves scratching back into the painted surface. She takes inspiration from nature, myth and story telling; birds are a prominent feature of her work interweaved with landscapes, people and places.

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