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It's Friday & Laura is out and about in Bressay

Well, I walked top speed doon the brae fae the toon hall, having left YH later than intended! Buoyed by coffee n whisky n a good measure o' hope we're off on oor Friday fiddle adventure to Bressay {8.23} Plenty interesting to see as we waited for the ferry, 'specially the Norwegian tall ship which cane in to dock as we were waiting for the bus to board for Bressay.

It was a short & smooth trip, I didna even realise we movin' I wis that busy chattin' wi my bus neighbour!{9.07}

Bressay Workshop.

Improvers were learning 'Jack broke da prison door' set fae Kirsten, kinda apt fin I'd heard his story doon the copper mines yisterday on the tunes tour. We then learned anither 4 tunes which soonds alot for a Friday but Kirsten was really good, patient and willing to go ower onything we didna quite get, whether 2nd time or 5th time. Also she called oot the notes as we played which definitely helped my slightly scrambled brain + fingers.

Next is a concert followed by a ceilidh, aifter which I will may be sleeping on the bus hame!~ seriously though so far it has been a cracking day on Bressay, the sun might nae be shining but my soul is.


I'm probably having a day off/day to wander round Lerwick & maybe meet wi a friend, though I will be at the concert at Mareel in the evening. Expect a wee update as to whether I learned the backstep (maist unlikely- I've not taken my dancing shoes!) at the ceilidh & rough outline o' tonights gig next up.


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