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It's festival season here at Shetland Arts and we've kicked off in style with this year's Fiddle Frenzy. Our resident blogger Laura Simpson will be keeping us up to date with the ins and outs at the Frenzy this year.

I started off wi a fine ferry trip fae Aberdeen to Lerwick for the fiddle frenzy on Thursday. Once I arrived on Shetland soil feelings of trepidation were soon spoken round to the positive and all the wonderful things I would take away from the week, by a vist to a friend!

Lots of happy folk wi fiddles or guitars on their back, a friendly bunch of volunteers at the registration table and a feeling that this was a good venture set me up weel for the yoga workshop. A lot of the movemennts/breathing exercises I had covered at some point or other but having them all bunched together and specific to fiddle was great. Made me realise there's a difference between good posture an good relaxed posture - food for thought for me definitely!

Food for everyone was enjoyed upstairs in the Mareel Café bar, soup and bannocks, orange juice and general getting to kow each other, good for the soul!

The opening of the concert was by a lovely little group of fiddles, the High Level Orchestra senior group - a super example of why there's a living culture in the thriving music scene of Shetland. Throughout the concert there was much laughter, a variety of tunes and styles with a superb French song fae Eunice Henderson ably backed by accordion, piano and drums. In my opinion, tonight's concert was a brilliant slice o' Shetland; it's musical talent, versatility, folk's warmth and willingness to share in this special solid fiddle tradition which is what this week will be a' aboot.

Join me as we journey through it!


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