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Shetland Arts has secured an exclusive screening of the film Faintheart to be shown at the Garrison Theatre, Lerwick on Monday 26 January 2009 before going on general release in the UK.

Set in the world of battle re-enactments, Faintheart charts the epic quest of Viking Warrior Readmund the Just, aka Richard the sales assistant played by Eddie Marsan, as he attempts to win back the love of his long suffering wife Cath portrayed by Jessica Hynes and son Martin, played by Joseph Hamilton. Tired of Richard’s all-consuming obsession with his Iron-Age alter ego, Cath kicks him out of their home and into the real world...and so the epic quest begins….

Faintheart was created by harnessing the collective creativity of the world’s largest online community and is the the world’s first fully user generated feature film. MySpace users played an integral part in every stage of the filmmaking process from directing the film, to joining the cast, submitting music for the soundtrack, or being part of the production crew. Filmed in Ludlow and Hereford there is not a single weak link in the cast. There are moments that make you laugh out loud so often such as the moment when Ewen Bremner's character realises that he's landed a date with a fellow trekkie, and when you want to cry when Eddie Marsan's character realises that his hobby of battle re-enactment is the reason his relationship with his family has gone awry.

‘A real feel-good film that will brighten your day without a doubt.‘

The MySpace community are now voting, via a Heartmap, to decide which towns and cities will get an entirely free screening of Faintheart on the night of release.

The film will be streamed to the MySpace community, free of charge on day of release only, prior to the DVD release on 2nd Feb 2009.

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