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The Shetland Arts exhibition programme at Bonhoga Gallery continues this month with the opening of a show of stunning photographs by Shetland photographer Chloe Garrick, running from 10th October to 15th November 2009. Feint Ae Wird, the title of the show, means ‘without words’ in Shetland dialect and takes its inspiration from the everyday life of people Chloe met during her recent travels in South East Asia.

Chloe Garrick is a talented young artist who has returned to Shetland after graduating from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen in 2008 with a first class honours in Visual Communications. She has undertaken commercial photographic commissions for BAFTA Scotland and Tony & Guy but it is Chloe's love of old photographs that has led her to explore the processes of traditional darkroom printing. Over the last two years, Chloe has developed techniques and ideas into her own style which are shown here in her solo show at Bonhoga.

Even though the styles of darkroom printing, such as lith or photo emulsions can be created digitally, Chloe holds the firm belief that the chemistry involved in darkroom printing can never really be reproduced. "I am fascinated by the idiosyncratic nature and the artistic quality of lith printing and photographic emulsions. It takes a craft-like approach to something that is almost seen now as an industrial process.."

The majority of this exhibition is made up of lith prints, a lengthy and unpredictable process where the normal rules of exposure and development times do not apply. Each print is imbued with the warm tones that give lith prints their unique glow. The grainy effect is not blur, but something that develops during the printing process.

In November 2008 Chloe travelled throughout Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. She explored the landscapes and cultures of these countries that have endured war, genocide and turbulent politics over the past half century, the echoes of which are still very much alive. Despite this, the region supports a vibrant and enthusiastic culture brought together by the generous nature of the people. "Like Shetland, I experienced the strong community spirit in many of the towns and villages which was really important to me”. These many features of life are combined to create an exhibition of beautiful images that are both mesmerising and potent in equal measure.

Chloe will be attending the preview of her exhibition on Friday 9th October and an invitation is extended to everyone to come along and meet Chloe and see her work.  Bonhoga Gallery is open 10.30 – 4.30 Tuesday to Saturday and 12.00 to 4.30 on Sunday. For more information please contact Jane Matthews or Mary Smith on (01595) 743843.


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