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Don’t miss Open Door Drama’s production of Euripides’ tale of betrayal and madness, adapted by Liz Lochhead, showing at The Garrison Theatre on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July at 7.30pm. Tickets can be obtained at the door, or from Shetland Box Office, Islesburgh Community Centre - 01595 745555

The story so far

Aeson, king of Iolchus has grown weary of running his kngdom, but his son, Jason, is not yet old enough to rule. He appoints his brother, Pelias, to rule in his stead. Upon reaching maturity Jason wishes to reclaim his kingdom from his uncle, but Pelias is unwilling to give up his power. Responding to a challenge to prove himself, Jason sets out in the Argo to seize the Golden Fleece from the kingdom of Kolchis. After an adventurous voyage the Argonauts arrive in Kolchis and King Aeetes consents to give up the fleece if Jason can yoke to the plough two fire breathing bulls and sow in the ground the teeth of a dragon which, it was known, would turn into a crop of armed warriors intent on killing their producer.

Jason accepts these conditions. However he pleads his cause to Medea, daughter of the king. He promises her marriage in front of the altar of Hecate and calls on the goddess to witness the vow. Medea yields to Jason and as a noted sorceress, uses her charms to help Jason safely encounter the fire breathing bulls and the dragon’s teeth warriors. With a potion supplied by Medea, Jason lulls to sleep the dragon that guards the Golden Fleece. Seizing his prize, Jason, Medea and the Argonauts return to their vessel to make good their escape. Pursued by Aeetes, Medea kills her young brother Absytrus and scatters his severed limbs in the sea. Aeetes slows to reclaim his dead son and the Argo escapes back to Iolcus.

Iolcus is still ruled by the usurper Pelias. Medea uses her charms to concoct a potion. She cuts the throat of Jason’s father and replaces his blood with this potion. At once the old man revives, forty years younger. The daughters of Pelias witness the transformation of the old man and want the same for their father. Medea then brews another potion and convinces the girls to stab their father in order to replace his blood and rejuvenate him. The potion, however, is not magical and the girls unwittingly kill their father. Jason and Medea make their escape.

The lovers flee to Corinth and Medea bears three children to Jason. In Corinth Medea is always regarded as an outsider. Eventually it becomes clear that Jason is to marry Glauke, daughter of the king, Kreon. Medea is a threat and an embarrassment. She is to be banished. Thus the scene is set for revenge and despair…

Open Door Drama

Open Door Drama, as its name suggests, is a drama group available to anyone and performs a mixture of shows with adults, shows with children and a bi-annual pantomime. Anyone interested in the work of the group should contact Izzy Swanson on 01595 744017.

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