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Our new Creative Digital Apprentice Peter Tomlinson reflects on his first month working with Shetland Arts.

I’ve been a Creative Digital Apprentice for about a month now. It has already proven to be rewarding and thoroughly exciting. I hope to continue to learn a lot during my time here.

I’m 18 years old and left school after my final exams this summer. Content creation has always interested me and anyone who knows me will know I’ve been writing in my spare time and for a music blog for years now. When I saw the Facebook advert for an apprentice in Creative Digital Media at Shetland Arts, I thought it was ideal in terms of my ambitions and skills and gladly I got the post.

The role involves the creative writing side of things that I’ve always enjoyed and done well with and offers the chance to learn a whole host of new skills which I’m sure will serve me well in my future.

During the next year, I’ll be traversing back and forth between Mareel and Glasgow Clyde College to complete my course. The five trips south will consist of a series of short courses on several multi-platform skills. The content of these courses range from learning to manage market myself as a freelancer, editing, processing and mixing audio-visual material and working effectively with others in the creative industries.

While in Shetland however, I will work as part of the marketing team up the stairs in Mareel. I’ve started to get together some more solid plans about things I’d like to establish, promote and developments to the agency which I think will be beneficial. These advances are very likely to be described in future updates.

Countless to-do lists ticked off and even more meetings under my belt, I feel as though I’m fitting in well and building relationships with my co-workers that I hope will prove fruitful for both sides. I’d like to think I’ve come in, integrated well and been productive. Obviously, I will have more to offer following my short courses but I’m learning new things every day.

Looking forward, I’d like to complete this course and look at university courses in the same field. Ultimately, working in this industry would be ideal and I look forward to throwing myself at it this year. This won’t come without working hard and I plan to keep this early momentum going and carry on making improvements to my own abilities and offer these to the organisation in a way that will be interesting for the public and be helpful for those around me.

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