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Congratulations to our Apprentice Administrator Lois Sutherland on achieving her SVQ Level 2 in Business Administration!

Lois has been with Shetland Arts for just over a year now and here is her reflection on the past year:

“During my time at Shetland Arts, I have enjoyed learning about the different Festivals that we put on such as Wordplay and Screenplay. It has been interesting to learn about what it takes to coordinate festivals and how much hard work goes into it by staff and volunteers.

When I started working here, I got the opportunity to work for half a day in the other departments. I really enjoyed doing this and I felt that doing this helped me as I then knew what everyone else did within their job roles, which made it easier when doing tasks for the other departments.

I have met a lot of really great people since I started working here. I feel that being in a shared office with the different departments has really given me the chance to get to know everyone that I work with. I have felt so welcomed since I started working here and I really appreciate the different opportunities that have risen to work on exciting projects.”

Shetland Arts are proud to be an employer who work with Train Shetland to provide Modern Apprenticeships. It is an excellent way to help to contribute towards the development of our future workforce.

Photo credit: Ben Mullay


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