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Artist Amanda Welch is in residence throughout May at Bressay Lighthouse where her exhibition 'Conditions' is open to the public on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week, from 11am-5pm (free).

The work she is creating throughout her residency is gradually filling the walls of the adjoining studio space and she is delighted to show this to visitors. Here she explains a little about her experiences so far.

Coming down from the excitement/anxiety of preparing for the exhibition opening – at last able to just be in this wonderful place – walking, reading, eating, sleeping, drawing.

I can work in isolation and often do so in my studio in London, but artwork is a language the final act belongs to the viewers, including myself, who bring their own associations.

So I am relishing the chance to talk with visitors, whether they’re here by accident or design (I lie in wait like a spider waiting to pounce on innocent walkers or lighthouse enthusiasts), other’s observations feed into whatever will come next.

A shipping agent from Voe pointed out that in Lochs of Shetland the landmass is defined by its freshwater, instead of the usual saltwater (coastline). I love that idea – it adds to the inward looking feel the piece has for me.

And then today - I’d been talking about my so-far unbodied notions about boxes: Shetland in a box and then Foula and Fair Isle – came another good thought (from Dunrossness), that the rectangles representing the map overlaps in Retractable Shetland are also boxes of sorts. This is useful because it reminds me of my abandoned effort to include inserts (as well as overlaps) – I shall revisit that idea.


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