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Join Bill Drummond, legendary avant-garde musician and Scottish artist, best known for his work with the 1980s electronic band the KLF, for an afternoon of words, film and music at Baltasound Hall on Sunday 28 April.

The afternoon opens with a recording Bill Drummond has produced of Fair Isle’s Inge Thomson singing the Unst Boat Song.

Bill Drummond will then present the only screening in 2019 of the award-winning film “Imagine Waking up Tomorrow and All Music Has Disappeared” accompanied by a post-film ‘performance’ lecture.

“Imagine Waking up Tomorrow and All Music has Disappeared” is a beautifully shot documentary film directed by Stefan Schwietert released in 2015. Schwietert's documentary focuses on Bill Drummond's conceptual choir, The 17 and his reflection on the nature and value of music and its place in our lives. Bill Drummond is driving his Land Rover right across England, from east to west, in order to compose a piece called Consider. At various points along the route, he asks random people to let him record them singing a note or verse, and so become members of The 17. The project is Drummond’s response to music platforms such as iTunes, where an infinite amount of music is constantly available. All of his works illustrate Drummond’s belief that everything is music, and everybody is musical.

The film is in English and was broadcast and screened widely across mainland Europe after its release in 2015 but, to date, has only been screened privately within the UK – it is now touring once a year for nine years, in nine different locations, each chosen for the distinct historic language spoken there - Cornish, English, Romani, Welsh, Manx, Irish, Lallans, Gaelic and Norn.

The event is part of Oot and About, a touring programme of Shetland Arts activities and events. Tickets are available in person from Mareel, by phone on 01595 745500, or online at

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