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21 September – 3 November 2013 Public opening: Friday 20 September 6pm - 8pm

Creative twins Barbara and Wilma Cluness are bringing their inimitable style to Bonhoga in their first major show for years. They have been given the gallery as a blank canvas, and rumours suggest that they will be turning the whole exhibition space into one large installation, reflecting their unique brand of creativity.

Exhibitions Officer Jane Matthews explains, “The content of the new exhibition at Bonhoga is as much of a mystery to gallery staff as anyone. What we can be absolutely sure of, however, is that the show will be hugely popular, extremely colourful and wildly eclectic”.

Jane continues, “We are expecting painted furniture, painted ceramics, painted accessories, and painted walls… a carnival of objects and artworks, all transformed from the everyday into the extraordinary”.

Barbara and Wilma Cluness were brought up in Unst where, from as early as they can remember, they were making things. While both are involved with many projects other than art, they have remained avid creators, using recycled materials, new and old furniture to create their distinct style of artwork.

However, the twins have made it clear that they want nothing in the way of description of themselves as artists or any interpretation of their work. There will be no information panel at the entrance to their show, visitors will be left to interpret and appreciate the work as they like, at face value.

A hint of Variorum

A hint of Variorum

As the title of the show suggests, the gallery will be colourful collection of decorated objects, and is set to be hugely popular. Work is for sale so it will be a rare opportunity to acquire a unique piece of work from this legendary pair. Everyone is very welcome to join the artists for their opening night at the gallery on Friday from 6-8pm. Complementing the work in the upper gallery will be prints by Sarah Young in the lower gallery and craft from around the UK including new work from local maker Donna Smith.

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