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Two strands of the Arts and Well-being workstream are Arts in Care Settings with Older People and Arts in Community Care Settings. This work was planned to involve creative practitioners who are resident in Shetland delivering creative sessions with customers of social care services throughout Shetland.

So far, the Arts in Care Settings with Older People strand has seen a number of sessions run by creative practitioners. This has included sessions run by writer and artist, Raman Mundair with day care customers of Wastview Care Centre in Walls. The staff from the Wastview Day Care offered this feedback about Raman’s sessions:

“Everyone said they enjoyed Raman’s workshops and found Raman to be very pleasant and helpful. Everyone benefited from hearing about different cultures and crafts. Participants enjoyed everything about the workshops, the crafts, music, tastings and Social experience. Everyone agreed that they would like more of these workshops in the future and Raman would be welcome again anytime. Participants felt very comfortable and happy with the manner in which Raman delivered the different activities and discussions.”

Photographer Chloe Garrick and writer/dramatist Genny White also ran sessions with customers of Uyeasound Extra Care in Unst. A social care worker from Brucehall offered this feedback:

“There has been 8 workshops held at Brucehall over the last four Thursdays. Morning and afternoon sessions are scheduled each day with a light lunch provided for those that wish to stay over for lunch. Activities discussed by group were mainly for the outdoor area/community garden area. Ideas/suggestions from tenants were; Plant pots, Brucehall sign, flags, bunting, totem pole, water feature, garden gnomes, favourite songs/music, making rope mats.

Genny and Chloe have been fantastic and a joy to have around; they have planned the activities with the group and individuals and have fitted a variety of activities into each session.”

Other sessions included work done by visual artist Amy Fisher with customers of Newcraigielea and a series of sessions run by visual artist Kristi Cumming with customers of Montfield Support Services and later with customers of Taing House.

A social care worker from Montfield Support Services wrote:

“Thanks so much for letting us be a part of this, we are most grateful and Kristi has been amazing. Please feel free to think of us if any other projects come up.”

Creative activity sessions will continue into October and November with work happening with Nordalea Day Care in Unst and further workshops in Taing House and Newcraigielea.

While the initial plan for the project was for SADA to facilitate the sessions, another element was added thanks to extra funding from Luminate, Scotland’s Festival of Creativity and Ageing. This additional element entails the “Great Shetland Care Centre Creativity Swap” during which the artwork created in each centre will tour the other participating care centres in October 2015. As a result, there were additional sessions run, in order to prepare the artwork for exhibition. As well as the funding from Luminate, the project was also supported by additional funding from Global Yell, who in turn had funding from Santander.

The Arts in Community Care strand has also begun, with a series of drama workshops led by Genny White with customers of Annsbrae, which involved the development and writing of an original script followed by rehearsal and culminating in a performance given on the stage in room 16, Islesburgh. This was followed by an Oscar ceremony during which each of the participants was awarded an “Oscar” for their part in the production. The manager of Annsbrae, Muriel Forbes had this to say about the project:

“Activities were meaningful, inspirational and reflective; an opportunity was created to include clients of all ages and genders for the benefit of their mental and physical health, social inclusion, social interaction, education and most of all enjoyment.”

Further sessions are planned to take place with customers of Supported Living and Outreach and with Annsbrae customers throughout the current financial year.


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