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Media Release:

Shetland Arts are providing three local artists with the opportunity to make new work at the Booth in Scalloway.

Jo Jack, Ana Horne and Vaila Cumming are all Shetland artists who create artwork based on  the unique environment of these islands.

Throughout the month of May, the three artists are spending time working from this inspiring waterfront venue. Working in their own choice of medium, they will use their time at the Booth to both reflect on and to develop their own artistic practice by visually responding to their environment.

They will be creating artworks which will vary from textile pieces inspired by the sea and its microscopic creatures to woven artworks based on photographs and drawings of Scalloway to sculptures of seal heads cast from bronze.

‘By providing this space and time away from my daily life, Shetland Arts has enabled me to  create work I would not otherwise have been able to make. There is something about coming into the space at the Booth that clears your head and inspires you to make work.’  Said Jo Jack, artist.

All three artists are graduates of Shetland College and see this residency opportunity offered by Shetland Arts as development of their professional practice.

There will be a chance to view the work created by the three artists at the end of the residency. Please contact Shetland Arts for more details.

For more information on the above residency, please contact: Clair Aldington or Hazel Hughson at Shetland Arts on 01595 743843 or

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