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We're very pleased to be able to release our Annual Summary for 2016/17, revealing that the organisation has made a small operating surplus for the second year running.

Graeme Howell, General Manager said ‘We’re very pleased to be able to report that we have made a surplus of £13k this year. This is the first year where Shetland Charitable Trust’s decision to reduce its disbursements has had an impact, so this result is testament to the hard work of all the staff to ensure the organisations’ continuing financial viability. Reductions in funding will be a challenge in the coming years, but we are confident that the organisation is continuing to move in the right direction, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, stakeholders and customers for their ongoing support.’

Alongside the Annual Summary, we have released the first of a new programme of bi-annual customer feedback surveys, asking the public to comment on how they feel the organisation is performing.

Lauren Doughton, Marketing Manager said; ‘The survey forms part of an ongoing dialogue between Shetland Arts and our customers, and we hope people will take time to let us know what we’re getting right, and where we need to make improvements. That could be in our programme or facilities, right down to the posts we put out on our Facebook pages. We’ll be running the survey every six months to provide folk with a chance to check back with us, and keep letting us know how we’re getting on’.

The survey is available to complete now at and will run until 31st October. Paper copies will also be available for completion at Mareel and Bonhoga from Friday 13th October.


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