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In workshop No. 2 each school gets a customised brief. In Aith we are lucky enough to be working with two wonderful teachers – Art Teacher Mrs Hunter AND Craft and Design teacher Mr Sutherland.

P1 are experimenting with the mediums. Today we made a firework for The Art World sky using pens and vinyl. They are working with Mrs Hunter in Art.

P6+7 are making the SCULPTURES into COLLAGES (taking something 3d and making it 2d). They are working in Art with Mrs Hunter.

S1 are making PAINTINGS into SCULPTURES (2d to 3d). They are working with wood and recycled materials in Craft and Design with Mr Sutherland. These works will be displayed outside in our Sculpture Park.

S3 are making SCULPTURES into PAINTINGS/DRAWINGS (3d to 2d). They are working in Art with Mrs Hunter.

Today we visited Aith where we began the first step of this process – sketching ideas out before moving on to starting the final works. We left objects and images with the young artists who, over the coming weeks, will make final artworks for The Art World.

You will see this castle, and this finger painting made into big sculptures, as well as wonderful transformations of these clay objects by June 18th.

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