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We regularly put out media releases, covering all our events, artforms and projects. The most recent ones can be found here.

To be added to our media email list, contact us at
t: 01595 743843

Image use

We store a wide range of images in our online library at and use a variety of images on our websites and marketing materials. In general, we are happy for our images to be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes and charge a fee for commercial purposes. Please contact us if you would like to use any of our images.

Images must be accredited with the “Image © Shetland Arts” copyright notice

In the case of online media this text must be linked to our website eg. Image © Shetland Arts

The HTML code to produce the link can be copied from the text box below:

<a href=>Image &copy; Shetland Arts</a>

Shetland Arts logo set

Venue Images

If you require more, or higher resolution, images please contact us

Garrison Images


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