Graeme Howell

Chief Executive

Creative Opportunities

Bryan Peterson

Head of Creative Opportunities

Fraser Mouat

Education Manager

Kathryn Spence

Creative Project Manager


Jonathan Ritch

Head of Production

Thomas Jones

Technical Manager

Tim Matthew

Studio Technician

JJ Jamieson

Cinema Technician

01595 743843

Angus Leask

Maintenance Technician

Wendy Tulloch

Head of Customer Services


Esther Renwick

Sales & Marketing Manager

01595 743843

Adam Doughton

Marketing Officer

Graeme Taylor

Marketing Assistant

Graham Webster

Marketing Officer

01595 743843


Jane Matthews

Exhibitions Manager

Jenny Leask

Film Programmer

01595 743843

Floortje Matthew

Programme Manager

Organisational Support

Kerry Eunson

Head of Organisational Support

Irene Sandison

Finance Assistant

Alison Eunson


Ruth Oliver

Commercial Development

01595 743843


Betty Willmore

Cafe Supervisor


Kathy Hubbard



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