Previous Major Projects

Shetland Arts has a number of major projects which run alongside the general arts programme and development work by the officers.

Each year these projects change accordingly, some last for one week others for several months or even years.

These projects are always innovative and exciting. They project Shetland as a interesting place and its art scene in a new and invigorating light.

Shetland Arts enjoys working on these major projects, meeting the artists involved. Many end up as friends, returning to work on other projects in the isles. Through some of our projects we have found artists who have moved to Shetland and are now part of the local art scene.

These projects are big, bold and very much leading in their field – another reason to enjoy living in Shetland or to visit our islands.

Below are links to more information on some previous Major Projects led by Shetland Arts.

Ebb Tide
Hansel of Film
Mirrie Dancers
Readers in Residence
International Textile Festival


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