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Fiddle Frenzy 2015 will take place from Sunday 2nd – Sunday 9th August 2015. Full Frenzy & Half Frenzy packages are now on sale at Shetland Box Office. Visit to book, or phone Shetland Box Office on +441595 745555. See programme below for more information.


Fiddle Frenzy is Shetland Arts’ annual celebration of the Shetland fiddle tradition. The week of events runs from Sunday to Sunday, during the first week in August each year, centered on workshops teaching the distinctive tunes and technique of the Shetland fiddle style. An opportunity to learn the secrets of Shetland Fiddle from a range of experienced tutors, explore the thriving musical traditions of our unique and beautiful islands, or simply be part of our Festival Week which is packed with a range of Frenzy Fringe options and Evening Concerts.

The festival is curated by sisters Jenna & Bethany Reid.

Jenna & Bethany

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Jenna Class
FIDDLE Not surprisingly, the main focus of our music classes is the Shetland fiddle style. Our experienced tutors, all raised within the Shetland fiddle tradition teach traditional and contemporary Shetland tunes, and highlight the bowing and style techniques that create that distinctive Shetland sound. In 2014, we will offer 4 class abilities: Advanced, Intermediate, Improver and Beginner. We ask that students pick the class level they feel best suits their ability but don’t worry if you’re unsure – you are welcome to move class if you feel your chosen option is not the best fit for you. We start with an afternoon class on Sunday 2nd August, then Monday 3rd – Friday 7th, we hold two sessions per day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Classes are given in groups, with around 15 students per class. Across the week you will receive around 20 hours of tuition.

GUITAR We also offer one mixed ability guitar class, teaching accompaniment of traditional tunes. Students should be familiar with basic chords and at an intermediate to advanced level.

FIDDLE FRENZY CREATIVE FRINGE Each year at Fiddle Frenzy, we recognise that groups and families often travel to Shetland for the Frenzy week, but that some members are not musicians and would still like to be immersed in the Frenzy experience. To cater for this, we have over the years developed a range of options in addition to music classes, to give everyone the opportunity to have fun trying their hand at some new creative skills and be part of the Frenzy Family. As an Arts Development Agency, Shetland Arts’ is closely intertwined with various cultural strands of Shetland life, providing support and assistants to artists. Our ‘Creative Fringe’ offers a chance to meet and learn from some of our resident artists. There are options to branch off into your own area of interest each day and to get out and about and use Shetland’s landscape as your inspiration. Music students are welcome to take a break from classes and try something new too! Due to the nature of hands-on element of these classes, students should be aware that class times may vary slightly to music classes.

FIDDLE FRENZY TOURS We are keen that visitors to Shetland get the chance to head out and about to see the beautiful scenery of our islands. With over 100 islands, 17 of which are inhabited, there are plenty of options! Please note that tours run at the same time as afternoon music classes and are offered as an option to take a break from class and see the sights. Any activity across the week, including tours are included within the package prices for The Full or Half Frenzy. Visitors not signed up for Fiddle Frenzy who would like to take advantage of the tours can buy an individual ticket. Please note that availability is limited with priority to Fiddle Frenzy patrons and their guests. Please be aware that trips take place at the same time as classes, and are provided as a break from classes or for accompanying guests. 

JOIN US! We would be delighted to welcome you to join the Frenzy Family, to take part in music classes, creative classes or simply to catch all the great shows and hang out in the Festival Club where informal sessions are inevitable! We host Fiddle Frenzy in Shetland Arts’ creative industries centre, Mareel, which sits on Lerwick’s waterfront. Our neighbour, Shetland Museum & Archives, will also host some classes across the week. The festival attracts all ages, and people from all over the world, from as far afield as USA and Australia. To get a feel for what goes on, and how much fun is had across the week, have a peek at images of past years at Fiddle Frenzy by clicking here. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a phone on 01595 743843 or email

BOOK Packages for 2015 are now on sale via Shetland Box Office.  Two package options are offered. The Full Frenzy – access to all classes (approx 20 hours of teaching time across the week), optional sight-seeing tours, tickets to all evening concerts and events. Refreshments are provided during classes, and refreshments, lunch & dinner on days out of Lerwick (Tue & Fri). The Half Frenzy – access to all classes (approx 20 hours of teaching time across the week), optional sight-seeing tours. Refreshments are provided during classes, and refreshments, lunch & dinner on days out of Lerwick (Tue & Fri). Packages are sold via Shetland Box Office, available to purchase online at and, by phoning 01595 745555 or 01595 745500, or in person at Islesburgh Community Centre or Mareel, both in Lerwick, Shetland. The Full Frenzy is priced at £400 full price, £300 concession, while The Half Frenzy is £325 full price, £250 concession. Concession prices apply to under 16s, those in full time education, seniors and other eligible groups including individuals with disabilities and carers.  Please be aware that travel and accommodation costs are not included in packages costs.


Please note that concession prices apply to those in full time education, and seniors. Please note package prices do not include travel to/from Shetland, or accommodation within Shetland. Daily flights to Shetland are available from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness operated by Flybe, or you can sail from Aberdeen (which takes 12 hours!) with Northlink Ferries. For information on accommodation options visit Promote Shetland online or phone them on 01595 989898, or view the Shetland 2014 Guide. We recommend that once you have made the decision to join us, you confirm your travel and accommodation bookings as soon as possible thereafter.


Please email enquiries to or you can phone us on +44 (1595 743843).

Join us at our Fiddle Frenzy facebook page to keep up with news and announcements, and meet past visitors to the festival.

  • “I felt like I’d been made an honorary Shetlander for the week…I’ll definitely be back next year…”
  • “One of the best events I’ve been to…”
  • “…being taught by world class musicians was an honour. I feel inspired, empowered and really looking forward to next year’s Fiddle Frenzy 2011″
  • “… the flexibility offered during Fiddle Frenzy activities was a real bonus – it’s an admirable asset…..”
  • “…it more than met my expectations, the week was excellent…” (Students’ comments)
  • “Definitely one of the best…” (Scottish Arts Council Artistic Evaluation 2008)
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