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25 Apr - 30 Oct 2016
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Current Exhibition

Tony Humbleyard + Jack Webb - bone & shadow: a mythology of place

23 Apr - 5 Jun 2016


Tony Humbleyard + Jack Webb - bone & shadow: a mythology of place

23 April - 5 June 2016
Tony Humbleyard uses the found object to explore place and the ways in which we interpret the world around us. Abandoning guidebooks, maps and signs in favour of random journeys and direct experiences, he has been collecting materials from Unst where he has lived since 2005. His sculptures and prints incorporate and are inspired by animal bones and found objects. For this exhibition Tony will collaborate with Jack Webb, a dancer and choreographer based in Edinburgh, as part of a developmental opportunity supported by Shetland Arts. Jack will work alongside Tony at his studio in Unst for 10 days prior to the exhibition to create a companion performance piece in response to Tony’s work. The piece will be performed in the gallery at the exhibition opening and filmed for screening thereafter alongside as part of the show.


5 Shetland Schools - The Art World

11 June - 24 July 2016
As part of the Bonhoga Gallery education programme, in partnership with SIC Creative Links, a collaborative group of young Shetlanders from five schools, have been exploring an entire world – The Art World.

In order to understand the vastness of this territory, they split up into groups, each exploring a different aspect of the subject from the textures of sculpture to the ominous artist statement, with chief explorer (and artist) Amy Gear who recently returned to Shetland after a (Masters) research expedition to the Royal College of Art.

The outcome of their investigation is a world all to itself. For 6 weeks, Bonhoga will be transformed into THE ART WORLD.

Peter Davis - Elemental

30 July - 11 September 2016
ELEMENTAL is a response to Iceland, particularly its physical features, through the under-rated medium of watercolour, using experimental techniques and handmade paint. It explores the world of ice, rock and water and how watercolour can mirror the natural world.

Shetland Open - Black & White

17 September - 30 October 2016
Lower Gallery: Bairns Open

Bert Simpson

5 November - 31 December 2016
Lower Gallery: Art & Craft for Christmas

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