What We Do

Shetland Arts is the lead arts agency in Shetland. We’re here to support creative people. We believe that creativity is an important part of everybody’s life, no matter who you are, where you live or what you do. We believe that art can change lives. Our challenge is to enable and empower our communities, groups and individuals to fulfil their creative potential.

We believe that aspiration, innovation and ambition fuel creative places. These values support a creative landscape: places and spaces where people can feel safe to experiment make mistakes and break new ground. We want creative people in Shetland to feel supported; to feel they can try out new ideas.

The fundamental purposes of Shetland Arts Development Agency are set out in our Trust Deed:

  • The objects of SADA shall be to advance the education of the public resident in Shetland in the Arts, in particular the Arts of Dance, Drama, Theatre, Film, Literature, Music, Crafts, Visual Arts and any new form of Media.
  • In furtherance of the said objectives but not otherwise, the Trustees shall seek to:
    • encourage and assist in promoting and advancing the creation, practice, presentation and study of all forms of art – visual, performing and creative;
    • support and encourage the continual development of all arts forms;
    • support existing and encourage new work;
    • improve access to the arts and create opportunities for individuals, geographical communities and communities of interest, at all levels of expertise and ability, to participate in and enjoy a diverse range of arts activity through performance, exhibitions and educational activities;
    • create opportunities for personal development through arts activities;
    • promote a culture of lifelong learning through a community development approach within the arts;
    • support professional artists through residencies, workshops and performances;
    • promote excellence in artistic quality;
    • develop the skills experience of artist practitioners, and participants and encourage learning; and
      provide facilities to support artistic activities
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